Monday, April 1, 2013

Time For A Bike Refresh

After about nine years my road bike has gotten a bit long in the tooth. Originally the "Century Special", built by the inimitable Sheldon Brown, it's since seen countless upgrades, downgrades, and flats. And also a lot of component and tire changes. I think at this point it's safe to say my trusty road bike is about as original as grandfather's axe.

Originally equipped with Ultegra 6500 9-speed, it's now a mish-mash of FSA, 105, Ultegra 6500, Ultegra 6600. The handmade 36-hole Open Pro wheels are long since worn out. Needless to say, it doesn't brake, go, or shift quite as smoothly as it once did. I've been constantly futzing with the futzables to keep it running, but it's time for a complete bike makeover.

On a recent trip (a subject for another post), my brother pointed out that a complete 6700 groupset is available from Merlin Cycles for around $700, a great price.

So with that my newest upgrade adventure started, and is now underway. New components, new bottle cages, new wheels and tires, new bars and tape. In fact the only holdover from the old bike will be the frame, fork, seatpost, and seat. I'm not going exotic -- no carbon, though the new bottle cages are Ti. I'll document the process with before and after pictures and weight reduction spreadsheet in a few days when the last components arrive!


Max said...

So the aluminum fork made the cut after all? And where is that picture taken?

sam said...

The picture is on the La Sal Mountain Loop just outside of Moab. It's a gorgeous 60 mile loop that climbs up and over La Sal mountain (the descent is stupendous), and then back into Moab along the Colorado river. We should ride it one of these days.

The carbon fork's steerer was too short for my frame's head-tube, unfortunately. It's challenging to find a 1" fork these days.

Max said...

Here's one:

And a better price:

Most seem to come with 300 mm uncut steerers. That should be enough, shouldn't it?

sam said...

Funny you should mention that.. After posting my comment I spent some time poking around, and turned up the same option. That one, along with the Nashbar carbon fork (which is available for a steal) seem to be the only options.

Good find on the ebay option. I ordered it last night from another shop for $210 or so.