Thursday, November 14, 2013

This is the idea:

I proposed some months ago that the writers and readership of Huffman Bicycle Club blog consider a "tick list" book for distance rides.  This is the idea -- with the caveats that (1) races may but need not be included (and should not comprise our entire volume) and (2) we'd be talking about cycling and things much longer than the marathon distance.

I predictably have not made much progress, but I'm still committed to the project.  Just need to start brainstorming some rides to write about.

Monday, November 11, 2013


Things have been a little quiet here at HBC.  Time to change that as I turn the Cervelo P2SL into a fixie.

First step:  new wheels.

I just received the second pair of wheels Ron Ruff at White Mountain Wheels has made for me in recent years.  Ron knows how to build wheels.  On the Gunnar I have Kinlin rims, Sapim CX-Ray spokes and White Industries hubs, unbranded shiny black all around, 32 spokes rear and 24 spokes front, weighing in at less than 1500 grams, for which I paid approximately $800 shipped.  The best part?  After much closer to 10,000 miles than to 0, neither wheel has a single wobble.  Not one.  (In contrast, both Neuvation wheel-sets I have need adjustment with shameful frequency.) Ron pre-stresses all his wheels in building.  Not sure what else he does, but at a below-shop-price $50/wheel, I can't imagine shopping anywhere else.

For the Fixie Ron built me a matched set of the beauties you see above.  That's a Kinlin rim -- a new design that has a profile nearly identical to the Hed Belgiums; a White Industries ENO hub with an Allen bolt on the axle; and 28 CX-Ray spokes.  I tried to talk Ron into basic round spokes, but he likes his CX-Rays, and I can't argue with how they look.  Total cost, including shipping:  about $750.  Odds-on bet as to how long these last?  Longer than the welds on the P2SL, in any event.

Here are a few more pictures:

Rear hub.  See the Allen bolt fastener.

Just a little bling with those blue nipples.  Photo credit:  some guy who doesn't know lighting.

And the front hub.

Next step: taking apart the old bike.  What to do with an old Ultegra groupset?  Anybody have a frame around to build?