Sunday, February 1, 2015

February Seven-Day Challenge

Max got us off to a good start with January's seven-day challenge. Riding 7 consecutive days, while seemingly trivial, proved to require a bit of ingenuity to fit into a busy schedule.

For February, rather than seven consecutive riding days we're going to set an elevation goal. Again nothing overly ambitious, but not trivial either.

The goal is 10,000 feet over a single 7-day period. Fortunately for me, I'm surrounded by 1,500 foot climbs. Max lives on a pancake so will either have to put in serious miles or do hill repeats on an overpass.

Regardless, for me at least, this won't be an easy accomplishment at this point in the year. It'll be roughly twice my average for January.

Any other takers?


Max said...

I'm in. Just to say it, I didn't complete my own challenge, sorry to confess. It did serve its essential purpose, as I got close on more than one occasion before missing a day. But this one is now on the calendar. Does it count to run stairs with my bike on my back?

sam said...

Only if you leave your chain on the big ring.

Unknown said...

I'll do my best, although it'll pretty much have to come in the course of a weekend at the end of February if it's to happen. Unfortunately, I doubt I'll get anywhere near that much climbing at Sebring 24. In fact, the amount of climbing in the overnight portion (on the racetrack) might actually be zero.

Max said...

If you ride enough miles it might work. I mean, 0 times infinity is an indeterminate amount that we can posit at 10K feet.

Unknown said...

In, only because Max told me it counts if I put the trainer on an incline.

Max said...

If by "trainer on an incline" you mean "carry the trainer up the hill with you," right on.

Laps on Brickyard Rd. this weekend to get a good start?

Max said...

Did anybody make it? One day I went out for an attempt at getting started. It was 15 degrees and blowing hard. My fingers froze three miles in and I headed home.

The last couple of weeks I've planned on big weekends, only to be met with snow and ice on the roads. Riding is possible, but riding far and hard is not.

So I'm 0/2 on HBC challenges. Anybody else?

sam said...

I didn't make it either. Your excuse is far better than mine.. I kept putting it off until the second half of the month, and then with a week of skiing just didn't have the time to finish. Of course I climbed about 16K vertical feet on skins that week, so maybe that counts for something?

Max said...

Was your climbing in the big ring?