Sunday, February 1, 2015

January: Month In Review

As regular readers of this blog may recall, at the start of the year I publicly stated some goals for 2015 in the hopes that having them, you know, on the internet would help me reach them.

Part two of this plan is to provide regular updates. For now I won't bother with any of the time-oriented goals. In part because the shortest of them is for 100 miles, and I haven't ridden a 100-miler yet.

So really this leaves me with just two.

HBC January Seven-Day Challenge

I had no idea Max was concocting this one until I saw the post but immediately liked the idea. Which is different than achieving it. But fortunately I had the opportunity to achieve it twice, with 15 consecutive days..

So I'm pleased to give this one a resounding checkmark.

5000 Miles For 2015

I viewed this one as a stretch, but I'm no longer so sure. In past years my first ride of the year has come in March at the OR Randonneurs Populaire, and mileage has ramped from there. But thanks to the aforementioned seven-day challenge, I've actually gotten a not-trivial number of miles in so far. When I compare this to previous years (though the previous years' data is very incomplete), 2015 is off to a much better start.

I need to be averaging about 400 miles per month, and January wound up at 453. The next couple months will be lower thanks to some travel, but I'm still happy.

Gear Summary

I recently signed up for veloviewer, a tool that slices and dices Strava data to provide additional interesting stats. One is the gear summary. Here's mine for 2015 thus far.

It will be fun to track this data throughout the year, to compare bike speeds and other stats.

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Max said...

That's a great month. Nicely done!