Thursday, April 4, 2013

My Recent Rebuild (and a potential problem)

I just rebuilt the P2SL frame with the parts pulled off of the Gunnar, plus a few new items.  In a nod to the old Cannondale, I went with a white saddle and bar tape.

I think it looks pretty sweet.  The torpedo bottle has become my new means of keeping water readily handy when sitting in the aero bars.  The Hed wheels match the frame nicely.

All the parts, except for the stem, bars, and saddle (new) come from the Gunnar.  That rebuild is next.

Here is the problem:  look closely at the cable routing for the front derailleur.  The position of the housing stop makes it impossible to run the cable without running it awkwardly across the body of the front derailleur.

I assume I can ride like this, but I also assume that if I make any substantial number of FD shifts I will kill that cable.  It's sufficiently awkward that I would not be confident that a new cable would last over a hilly event longer than about 200 miles.

What to do?  Option 1:  not worry about it.  Option 2:  go to a bike shop and have them tell me not to worry about it.  Option 3:  create my own housing stop further to the rear so the cable runs straight -- and behind the body of the derailleur.  The obviously right solution is more work than I have any interest in putting in to the fourth bike in my stable, which exists because I had spare parts to use.

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sam said...

It's hard to tell from the picture, but it looks like the cable is just running across flat metal (i.e. not over a sharp edge).

If so, then I strongly suspect you'll be fine. The RD cable on my touring habanero runs over the canti brake mount, so it rubs on every RD shift. I asked the framebuilder, and he told me not to worry about it. And indeed, I'm still on the original cable, and there's no indication of any wear at that point.