Monday, April 1, 2013

Foul-weather riding

The pictures are not all that descriptive, and maybe not even from the correct day, but they are intended to should show rain in the 1/4-1/2 inch range and temps in the 40s.  Pedaling was just downright unpleasant after we reached Purcelville.  Which was too bad, because the roads from Purcelville and Lincoln, through Snickerville into Middleburg, and on to the tiny hamlet of Marshall, were wonderful.  Well maintained pavement, next to no traffic, pastoral horse country.  We rode the WOAD Is Me permanent for 218K in a total of just under 10 hours to get our start on the Big Wild Ride qualification.

Some notes:

1.  Gels on rando rides are a decided second best.  Why not buy two Snickers at every control and enjoy your food?
2.  Booties and soft-shell gloves in the future when rain is a possibility.
3.  Tune the bikes already.  Not being able to stand in the ideal gear for fear of the chain jumping greatly undermines one's riding.
4.  I like the bottle and bag setup on Sam's bike in the opening post!  Very elegant.  Will have to implement.
5.  Aero bars are a without-which-not going forward.  Too much time on the wrists is a killer.

1 comment:

sam said...

Sorry to hear about the weather on the 200K. Snickers would have been appropriate given your route through Snickerville.

I tried the Snickers solution for a while. It worked great until the temperature got into the 70s, at which point the Snickers would melt. But buying at controls and consuming rapidly might solve that problem.

Agreed on the aero-bars. That dissuaded me from buying carbon bars for my rebuild -- aero-bar incompatible.