Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Explain, please? And, Christmas is coming!

Sam's post on riding in the snow, and the snow currently falling outside my window, has me surfing the Surly website and salivating.

But am I the only one that things Surly's Omniterra line is not unlike Subaru's "small SUV" line of cars?  Three that all do the same thing?

I've copied these three beautiful looking beasts here, assuming that Surly would applaud rather than oppose my doing so.  If I get a Cease and Desist letter I'll post that in the comments.

Is the difference tire size?  I can see that somewhat, with Pugsley and Moonlander bigger than Pug-ops.  Or maybe it's just build quality.

Puglsey.  This has been around for a while.

Pug-ops.  I hadn't noticed this one until Sam alerted me to the Moonlander.



sam said...

This post:

convinced me of the relative merits of the pugsley over the moonlander. The price difference also helped...

sam said...

Or, alternately, $7k gets you a Lynskey Ti fatbike.

sam said...

At the other end of the range. bikesdirect offers a motobecane fatbike for $900.

Max said...

Funny thing is that even the Motobecane looks pretty cool.