Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cleaning Solution

As Sam knows, I'm building the vintage Nishiki (born-on date 1975 or so) into a single-speed cross bike.  More on that forthcoming!

Having removed the outer ring I needed to clean the old cheapskate FSA chainset from the original Cervelo tri bike.  I'm fresh out of my favorite Finish Line Citrus degreaser so I turned to what I had lying around: Five-Hour Energy.

A disturbing yet amusing lesson:  Five-Hour Energy on a toothbrush does about as good a job as one needs degreasing a 6-year-old chainset.

(Caveat:  I did not compare Five-Hour Energy with anything else.  It could well be that water on a toothbrush would have done the same thing.)


sam said...

Disturbing, yes. Surprising, probably not.

That finish line stuff looks pretty pricey. I've had good luck with 'Simple Green', from Home Depot. Also usually available at Costco. I think it's around $6/gallon, maybe a little more.

I usually just put it in a shallow bowl, and drop everything I need to clean into the bowl. Let it stew for a few minutes, then wipe off the dirt with a rag. A toothbrush would probably work better for that last step.. I reuse that until there's too much crap in the bowl.

Unknown said...

Outstanding. Should I read anything of significance into the fact that you're building a cross bike during the last week of cross season?