Sunday, November 1, 2020

Exploro Team -> Limited

 Sam and I got these matching Exploro Team SRAM eTap builds straight from 3T fairly early in the pandemic lockdown.  You know, do our part for the global economy and all.  I hope it helped.  I sure like the bike.

The paint job was faulty on both of our bikes.  Sam's chipped in a highly visible place on top of the top-tube.  Mine chipped at the fork/headtube interface.  We let 3T know to see what the company might do for us.

This is the kind of thing where you might say "who cares," but two factors favored asking for recompense from 3T:

  1. These bikes were $5900 new.  That's real money.  (And the fact that after 3T's new model came out the price dropped to $4900 doesn't help.)
  2. It happened to both of us, suggesting it is actually a fabrication fault, and 3T might want to know about it to fix it.

Give 3T great credit.  The offer: we will replace the frameset with a brand new Exploro LTD frameset - the lighter-weight, murdered-out black version that used to retail for $4400 for the frameset alone.  (Also reduced, BTW, to $3400 today.)

So here it is:

3T Exploro Limited.  Happy with this resolution.

Can't confirm the weight advantage - I don't weigh my bikes to speak of. There is a nice friction strip on the front of the seatpost, which will hopefully mitigate the slippage issue we encountered on the Team version. But at bottom, it just looks awesome. 

Thanks, 3T!

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