Thursday, July 23, 2015


It is time.  Two things listed for sale currently:

The Neuvation.  

I love this bike, but it is by now utterly redundant, except under the most heroic of market segmentation efforts.

Powertap Wheels.

I use these only on the trainer and only a few months out of the year.  With the deal on Stages crank-arms, I hope to have power readings on both race bikes (although the Sram crank-arm I am eyeing depends on selling these wheels). 

Never really loved these wheels.  My big mistake was building them semi-Cadillac style with Hed rims and Sapim spokes.  Should have bought a single cheap powertap wheel built with Neugent's low-end rim and spokes, simply for trainer use.  Maybe somebody else will have a better outside use for these.

Other gear that may need to go.

Specialized Sequoia bike, built with 105/Ultegra and Dura-Ace hubs.  It's a nice bike. I just never ride it.  The idea that I'd keep it around for Sam to ride -- well, I have several bikes around for Sam to ride.

P's Ritchey Breakaway.  I'm keeping mine, but she is just not in love with hers.  These bikes are not available new for budget prices, so I hope the used market for a very lightly used model is strong.

Giro aero helmet.  Heavier than modern road helmets and maybe a tad too large.  I just bought the new Bontrager aero road helmet, so this is not only all those but somewhat redundant.


sam said...

Interesting, too bad to see the Neuvation go, but I can't argue with the reasoning.

I just (finally) sold the Trek. Took about 2 months, and I raised the price twice, but that eventually did the trick. I also cleared out most of my old stock of wheels, at about $50 apiece. Still have one Ksyrium that nobody is biting on for some reason. And the Powertap too should go thanks to the bargain basement Stages that you showed me.

And I, too, recently bought the Ballista. It's a little goofier looking than the pictures show, but not bad at all. Except that while I thought I ordered the TFR white, I actually ordered the High-Vis yellow. One thing an aero road helmet does not need is more attention drawn to it.

Max said...

We are definitely not riding together anymore. I also have hi-viz yellow. Add in matching orange jackets and now somewhat matching bikes. Ouch.