Sunday, July 26, 2020


Lots of posts here about selling.  Starting in August we need to agree to post more about riding.

Front was the "Flamme Rouge" setup.

 Just sold my Hed Jet 4/6 wheelset

I had these Hed wheels from many years ago, and like so much in my bike closet they were a functional Ship of Theseus - with all parts replaced, are they the same set I originally bought?  It was a nice riding wheelset that looked good when mounted.  But:
  • I'm not riding any rim brake bikes these days;
  • I had broken a spoke on the rear;
  • They were a 10-speed hub, which doesn't work on anything I'm riding.
Also, I have too much stuff, which is kind of the general point of July 2020 at Huffman Bicycle Club.

I listed them for $250 and sold them for $200 plus a six-pack of Fat Tire.  Joe, who bought them, is a really nice guy.
C2 - Hed went to wider rims before much of the industry.  By "wide" we are talking 19mm internal width.

I disclosed all the flaws

To the extent they weren't obvious, I disclosed the flaws.  The real problem was the broken spoke.  I put a new one in, but it needs tightening and truing.  I personally never continue with wheels when the spokes start to go.  No reason except that the cost of wheel upkeep is greater than the cost of new wheels.  If you look around you can find a set of Heds with basically no use for under $1000.  Starting down the road of taking these into the shop on a regular basis, Joe may find himself at $1000 in a few years time.

So should I have sold to Joe in the first place?  Am I just passing junk on to the next guy?  I'm inclined to think that a full and fair disclosure, which I make in all cases, is all that is required. 

But what gets me is if Sam wanted to buy these, I'd probably tell him "keep looking."  Didn't Joe deserve the same?

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sam said...

You disclosed everything, there's no harm here. $200 for a nice wheelset with some repairs needed is fair for everyone. It would be a ridiculous purchase for someone with a 12-speed bike who would need to swap out additional parts on the wheel to make it work. But if Joe's got a 10-speed bike and wants nicer wheels, he got them with this purchase.

You and I are a bit profligate in how we discard parts that are in need of repair. A couple years ago I made the mistake of stopping by Citybikes, the local Portland used bike co-op or something. Full of hippies. As an aside, while this place is a portland institution, I wasn't impressed with either their selection or prices. But they did have bins full of crappy old derailleurs that they were charging way too much money for. I guarantee they'd be selling that wheelset for $500.