Tuesday, June 30, 2020


Looking over the history of this blog, I see we posted:
  • 58 times in 2013,
  • 51 times in 2014,
  • 38 times in 2015,
  • 19 times in 2016,
  • 5, 6, and 1 respectively in the next three years.
We are at 11 so far in 2020 and this makes 12.

I am amused by the consistency of the decay in blogging, presumably a pattern repeated across most sole- or few-author publications.

But I am also intrigued by the seven-year cycle, repeated in amorous relationships (or so some say) and, in my case, in athletic commitment.  Perhaps in 2020 I am cycling back around to caring a large bit about this sport, rather than paying attention in passin.

Or maybe it's COVID-boredom.  Time will tell.


sam said...

Interesting observation. I'd hate to see a breakdown by author; I'm quite certain that you've been keeping the blog alive for the last few years at least.

I find it interesting that the decline in posting doesn't necessarily correlate to miles ridden nor bikes purchased, at least not for me. Some author at some point said that the best way to get past writer's block is to write. Actually probably every author has said that. Someone else said publish early and publish often. But then others say to only show your best work. So now I'm not sure what to do.

Max said...

You did a good job not going to the what's the point conclusion. I think in a world of fuckweeds tweeting any effort to drown out the noise with generally positive discussion of healthy activity like cycling must be worth the effort.