Tuesday, June 30, 2020

New Craigslist Strategy

I hate selling on Craigslist.  Who nickel-and-dimes over a $30 bike part anyway?

So I started listing the parts bin, priced as barters for beer.  I'll take $$ too of course, but the idea was some guy would bring a 12-pack, leave with a seatpost, and we could discuss bikes over a beer in the meantime.

So far a modestly successful strategy.  Have had a few nice conversations with guys rebuilding old steel frames - one of whom got a great deal on some Grand Bois tires, another took away a pair of 27" wheels, and a third took the truing stand. 

The list says "barter for Fat Tire," but I'm having success with guys bringing random local microbrews as well.


sam said...

It's an interesting/good strategy!

Given that the real goal is to clear out space, and ideally get the parts to someone who's going to use them for an interesting project rather than flip them on ebay, this avoids the most annoying class of purchaser.

Max said...

It definitely achieves the weed-out function. Guy I just sold to only rides frames older than Y2000 and where possible from Italy. He was psyched by a pair of Vittoria tires. I'm happy with 12 New Belgium IPA cans, a lighter parts bin, and a good convo. about Major Taylor.

I am going to need to adapt the strategy, though. I now have ~3 new cases in the fridge and I don't even drink that much beer! Asking for a bottle of wine isn't quite as easy - do I say "Italian parts, Italian red, and if Vittorio Adorni wouldn't drink it neither will I"?

There's also the question how I price my Focus Paralane on the beer scale. Maybe I barter for two RT tickets to Munich for Oktoberfest?