Tuesday, January 13, 2015


This is so obvious it amazes me that a Google search produces exactly one hit -- a tweet from one of the stretched-ear-lobe guys.

Rando favorite blog Chasing Mailboxes has been running an open invitation for "Coffeeneuring" in the fall time for the past few years.  It is well done, the stories are engaging, and it sounds like fun.  But it is hardly the natural derivation of the word "randonneur" that is my idea.

Enter the randonbeer.

Do not confuse with this guy.  He is the randonbeard.

Bicycle beard, thanks to
Randonbeering involves riding to a pub, downing as much -- no more! -- of a pint as you can while being responsible (helps if you have fries to go with it) and riding on.  Hopefully the "on" is home or the coffee shop and not the next pub.  Goodness knows we do not recommend a cycling pub crawl here at HBC.

(An aside:  I understand anecdotally that many serious randonnuers are known randonbeers.  I will not libel them here, but perhaps you are one and would like to confess in the comments.)

Unlike Chasing Mailboxes' Coffeeneuring, I do not see this as a yearly short-time challenge.  I say year 'round, whenever you can park the bike, enjoy a brew, and head on to your destination -- add a comment!  When enough comments pile up I will move them into a new post.  I'm going out now, planning to brave 15 degree temps, pedaling to Fountain Square Brewery in Indianapolis for the inaugural HBC randonbeering ride.  Don't change the dial!

HBC randonbeering location number 1:  Fountain Square Brewing, Indianapolis.
Review:  a nice establishment.  A very good ESB.  Perhaps should have had the "Chocolate Milk Stout," which I tasted.  That was officially excellent.  Perhaps populated just a little too much with neighborhood regulars, making it an odd place for a guy riding alone to land for a pint on a Tuesday evening.  But I did leave with a "bullet" -- what appears to be a liter -- of the ESB for the fridge.  And a pic of the bike in front.

Does it look 10 degrees?  Because it is.


sam said...

I don't know about this whole randobeering concept... But if you're going to ride a brewvet, then that is officially the goofiest looking bike possible to do it with. The Bar Mitts really complete the package!

sam said...

And I should mention, kudos for riding the inaugural brewvet in the snow!

Unknown said...

With that first picture and your recent purchasing habits, you're well on your way to being in a Rapha advertisement. The remaining step is to live in a black-and-white world.