Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Good Sign

"Bikes on Mass Ave." closed down a few months back.  I blogged about it, disappointed.

We've discussed the economics of bike shops here before and what must be done to make them a profitable endeavor.

I hope Bikes on Mass Ave., soon to be Mass Ave. Bikes & Brew, has figured it out.  I had the idea for a brew-pub and espresso machine next-door to a climbing gym many years ago.  Always worried about traffic moving in the wrong direction (beer first, then climbing), presenting liability concerns. IMO the bike shop is a natural and perhaps safer alternative.

So hang the photographer.  It says "Mass Ave. Bikes & Brew Coming Soon." 


sam said...

It's an interesting idea, hopefully it works out... I suspect you have to really nail the coffee/brew aspect, and have that able to support the business when needed.

Max said...

Right. The social scene is the money-maker. The bikes littering the place is the draw. Almost like one of those coffee shop/art galleries where the art gallery is a way to get a free and rotating selection of decorations for the cafe.