Sunday, January 4, 2015

Getting Off To A Good Start

There are a few chaps shooting for the year mileage record. I checked out one of them on Strava today (Steven Abraham), and the website helpfully provided a comparison of the two of us.

The stat to focus on, of course, is "year to date". I have 11.1 miles and he has 771.6 miles. This is a guy riding in the winter in the UK. Granted my 11 miles were in snow and 10 degrees F (a subject for another post), but I sat today out because it was a little rainy here in Portland. Guess I need to HTFU.


Max said...

Let's compare what matters, though. Who has the biggest climb?

Unknown said...

You know, as much as I've spread the word about this attempt, I'm of two minds about all of the publicity it is getting. (Even BSNYC got in on it today.) To me, it's sort of like my announcing that I'm going to beat Strasser's RAAM record, publishing my planned splits, and holding them for the first half an hour. I'll be more interested in the interviews if he's on pace come August.

sam said...

Yeah, I wonder if he needs publicity for fundraising. Dunno what he's consuming, but 75K miles or so is a lot of Hammer products, not to mention tires and tubes.