Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bianchi's Line of Steel Bikes

I am surely reporting something well known to all, but it was pleasant news to me. Bianchi -- the maker of those "celeste" colored uber-high-end racing machines -- has a line of steel rides that would make Surly envious. At the high end you can pay $2000 for a classic-looking Bianchi Vigorella with 105 all around.  I know without asking that Sam will appreciate the level top tube.
Bianchi Vigorella.  Image from

At the low end there is the Campione with down-tube shifters for a what-passes-these-days-as-modest $849.

Campione.  Same credit as above.

There's the Lupo and it's sibling, the Volpe, which fit in the cross/dirt-road/commuting genre.

Lupo.  Ibid.

And you can even buy bare frame sets to do with what you will, including the single-speed/fixed-intended "San Jose" and "Gitane" (with mounts for cantilever brakes) and my personal favorite, the beautifully lugged Tipo Corsa, which is just begging to be built with an older group and a Brooks saddle and ridden in a parade.  Bianchi asks $999 for this one.

Pretty things still do come from bike factories, somewhere.

Not sure this discovery changes my life any, but if I can bring myself to unload the Neuvation one day, the Tipo Corsa might be a fun project bike.


sam said...

Nice find across the board. Though I'll point out that the top-tubes on the built-bikes aren't *quite* level, they are sufficiently close to be almost acceptable. I'd still put a bigger tire on the back to help level it out though.

Agreed completely on that Tipo Corsa. In terms of 'pretty factory made', that one's at the top of the heap. If only I had a spare set of DT shifters laying around, I'd build that up.

Unknown said...

I think it's possible as a child that I was abused by someone or something wearing that celeste green, because I've always had an aversion to it. I think the Gunnar Red is categorically more attractive.

Max said...

Understood re celeste. I wonder (1) does my few years on you put me in an entirely different style cohort; (2) did I start drooling over bikes before you so have a nostalgic attachment you don't, and (3) does my enormous attachment to *the* classic 80s ski influence my preference? (