Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Avoiding Baggage Fees?

I'm looking at more travel-to-ride options for a couple of events for which the Breakaway is not the ideal bike.  For example, Fireweed 400 is under consideration for this July.  Of course, bike shipping costs -- $350 RT on US Airways -- are nearly prohibitive.

What to do?  I asked my regular carrier US Airways (The New American) about "sponsorship."  You waive the bag fee and I tell everybody how great you are.

The predictable response:

Thank you for your inquiry.  As you can imagine, US Airways receives thousands of requests each year to waive baggage fees for passengers traveling with additional supplies and items for organizations they personally and individually choose to support. Regrettably, due to limited resources, both in cargo space and budget, we are unable to provide a donation of complimentary cargo space or waive baggage fees. Rather, US Airways has determined the best way to make an impact is through donations for budget relieving or revenue generating purposes directly to nonprofit organizations in our hub and focus cities. 

US Airways is proud to assist more than 500 nonprofit organizations annually with significant philanthropic contributions.  While we understand that hundreds of thousands of our passengers have causes they wish for the airline to join in their efforts to support, regrettably, we just do not have the budget to do so. You can find more information regarding our corporate giving guidelines and for more information regarding our baggage policies, please visit

Thank you for the opportunity to review your request.  Although we are not able to fulfill your needs through our corporate giving program, we certainly wish you the best and appreciate your personal effort to make a difference.


US Airways Community Relations

Am I the only one amused that corporate entities also feel the need to say "we've already made our donations for the year, so sorry."

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sam said...

More to the point, how do we go about registering HBC as a non-profit?

Then you could make a case for them to support our international sporting club.