Wednesday, April 30, 2014 Article

Most of what I see on is drivel -- "10 great fall rides!", or "How to ride a century!"

I like Active's "10 core exercises"-type of articles.  Most of them I know but usually one or more I do not.  My own workout program includes ~20-25 exercises I have been doing for years that I rotate.  A change is most welcome.

This article is recommended.  The articles gives ideas for mid-back, shoulder, hip, and ankle limbering.  All four of these hit very close to home regarding my own symptoms from cycling -- hips, back, shoulders, and ankles take the real beating but get ignored in the weight room.

For an obvious comparison:  training is like writing.  Laying down the big idea is lots of fun and I do it with relish -- and launching for a big ride is an adventure that sets my teeth on edge.  Tying up loose ends is drudgery and I can only force myself to do it rarely -- and stretching at night when I just want to fall into bed is an unwelcome obligation.

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sam said...

Thanks for the pointer. I recently switched to a standing desk at work, which gives me the opportunity to do some of these basic stretches during the day (of course looking like a dork while doing so).