Friday, September 6, 2013

Salsa Warbird

I'm enjoying my approximately bi-weekly drool-fest over bikes that I will probably never own.  Here's a bike built for long distances on rough roads.  By that I mean it appears to be a touring-geometry titanium road bike with clearance up to 38c.

Picture cribbed from the blog.

I'm ambivalent about disc brakes on a road bike, but I can see the attraction if you anticipate lots of gunk flying while you ride.  I also think that long red rear brake cable is a neat-looking effect.

I like that Salsa correctly sees titanium as something other than race-bike material.  Even Salsa's primary road frame -- the Collosal -- can run 28c tires.  If I buy titanium I will most definitely not be running 23c tires on it.  The leading makers -- Lynsky, Seven, Litespeed, Moots -- don't seem to understand that reality.  Even Habanero, my instinctive first choice for a new frameset, is not making big tire frames, so far as I can tell.

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sam said...

I'd not previously heard of that one. Agreed it's nice to see a Ti frame with real tires.

My main complaint about Salsa is purely aesthetic; they insist on sloping top tubes, which really rub me the wrong way.