Tuesday, September 15, 2015


You know that feeling, when you've got a weekend to yourself, the gas tank is full, and you can go anywhere you want to go? Drive to Moab? Yes please. 12 hour round-trip to Redding and back for In 'n Out? Not a problem.

Or when you wake up, on a crisp, clear autumn day, a Saturday, when the leaves are changing color. You hop on your bike, with no destination in mind. You can ride 50 miles, or 150 miles. Either way it's bound to be a great day.

It's the feeling you used to have back in elementary school on the first day of summer vacation. You can do whatever you want to do. Your imagination is the limit.

That's how I feel right now.


Unknown said...

Now that's a head tube! I might even be able to ride that without getting squirrely in the corners.

Max said...

Are you taking recommendations? I say svelte and electronic.

Max said...

A thought: is the wiring port in the front of the head-tube capacious enough to experiment with a head-tube mounted battery pack? What about running a line out of there with a USB port (female) zip-tied to the underside of the stem? You could hide one of the Anker batteries in the fork. It would need to be a two-way plug allowing charging as well.