Monday, January 2, 2017

Gunnar Roadie Rebuilt

The Gunnar Roadie was originally an anniversary present in 2007.  This is its second new paint job and third complete rebuild.  This is definitely the most significant rebuild since the original purchase.

Slide-show of the rebuilding

And the end product

Lovely new Brooks saddle.
King Cage stainless steel.  Some debate about these initially, but I think they look sweet on the final product.
Bottom bracket cluster.  I like the lower profile Dura Ace outboard bearings.
One place I could not bring myself to spring for the Dura Ace version.  Still happy to get the 52-36 gearing.
Crank and new pedal.  I'm in the process of reverting entirely to Candy C pedals (now that there is no more shoes in the pedals for dismount a la triathlon).
First time ever for DA brifters.  One ride yesterday and, yes, they are all they are cracked up to be.
My new wrap style:  start in the middle (so no tape) and finish at the end.  Then tuck the remaining tape inside the bar and use a robust cap.
One major benefit of new wrap style is this clean top with no tape.
A few extra grams for a screw-tightened bar end cap holds everything together well.  Option 2 is the Brooks style with a 1" insertion sporting 8-10 ribs.

K-edge Garmin computer mount.  Probably heavier, but more elegant, than the rubber band-on style that  sits on the stem.  I should probably cut that steerer tube down by 1 cm.
New Ultegra 6800 calipers.  Another place where I could not bring myself to pay the extra for DA.  Also, Zipp 404 Firecrest wheelset.  I was ambivalent, and I nearly sold these, but in sum I'm glad I have them here.  Finally, that is a Easton EC90-SL fork I stole or borrowed from Sam, painted to match the frame.  It, the wheels, and the brifters vie for the title of most significant performance upgrade on this rebuild.
First good view of the Velo-Orange steel braided cabling.  A little bright, but I think it works with the chrome headset and seat-clamp (and silver branding on the down-tube).
Not sure what this shows, but all the bicycle porn seems to have a shot like this.  See DA front derailleur and Ultegra short-cage rear.  Also see the green highlights on the Vittoria Open Pave clinchers (27mm).  Some debate about that color with the red frame, but I think it works.
Side view of saddle with the elegant Thomson set-back post, rear brake, and chrome seatpost clamp.  (Gunnar factory was kind enough to include a new one with the repaint).  Rapha tool roll works with the classic saddle.
The rear view.  
And the front view.
Clean Shimano gearing is a thing of beauty.
The whole thing.  That is not a new frame pump and I can't see a reason to replace it.
Had this legend added, finally.  I've had this bike long enough to know I don't plan to sell it!

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sam said...

That's super sharp. Not a thing I'd change.