Monday, January 11, 2016

Finally, a badass day

Last winter it was easy to craft a post about some badass ride or another, with temps regularly in the single digits and occasionally starting with a hyphen.  This winter so far "badass" has meant riding home after dark or out before light.  So not badass at all.

Until today.  I landed in Indy with temps at 6 Fahrenheit.  The roads were covered with ice where the salt had not yet done its work.  And the bike was locked up in its usual place. After cycling through the Pretenders for long enough to psych myself up, I headed home into a headwind.  Eyes iced shut in a mile before I turned east with the wind at my back.   From there it went well until . . . the low traffic on my back roads meant rutted ice.  Cycling became one leg cranking and one foot skating.

Something like this.
I rolled into the office 90' after leaving the airport for a personal record slow commute.  Rock on.


Max said...

Alright, this morning wins it. I had to go to my Wednesday meeting in Carmel, 15 miles uptown. 4 degrees when I got up. Cooled off to 1 by the time I left. My feet returned to normal size about in time for my 5:30 pm class. One lesson, interesting to learn, is that you can ride 25mm tires on mixed snow and ice if you don't try to do anything too fancy. Like brake. Or turn.

sam said...

Wow. Fatbike is too out of commission for this duty?