Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ritchey Break-Away Frameset

Can I possibly communicate here how badly I want this frameset?
No, I don't think I can.  It comes with a carrying case that will fit the bike, broken down, with a total linear inch count of 66.  That is 4 inches greater than the airlines technically allow, but everything I have read suggests you can get away with it at check-in. 

The titanium version runs close to $3000.  The steel version runs $1000 even, if you look around, including the carbon fork.  Add saddle, seatpost, stem, bars, and wheels that I already have, plus a $500 S-105 groupset from Merlin Cycles (or less than $400 for Tiagra), and there's a less-than-$1500 travel bike with the same dimensions as my Gunnar.

In the alternative, I am facing a minimum round trip bike charge of $150 (Alaska) and possibly as much as $400 on US Airways (though of course I will not be buying that particular US Airways ticket!).  Oh yeah -- there's Frontier with normal $20 e/w baggage charges.  I'm ignoring that because it undermines my business case for a new bike.

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sam said...

That is super sharp. The couplers are interesting. Much stealthier than the common S&S couplers.

While the Ti/Carbon version is certainly quite sharp, I think the steel version looks pretty good too. And you're right; that is a very affordable build.

I think you should do it!